Open Hardware Monitor: free, open-source software. Monitors computer temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load, and clock speeds, providing comprehensive system information and management capabilities.

Open Hardware Monitor supports diverse hardware monitoring chips on modern motherboards. It accurately tracks CPU temperatures from Intel and AMD processors, and displays data from ATI/Nvidia graphics cards, and SMART hard drives. Compatible with various Windows and Linux systems, offering flexible monitoring options.

Latest News

Release Version 0.3.0 Beta


Posted on April 23, 2011

  • Added support for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU core temperature and clock sensors.
  • Added support for core temperature and clocks of AMD Fusion (14h family) and family 11h CPUs.
  • Fixed the core temperature reading on older revisions of AMD K8 CPUs (family 0Fh).
  • Corrected the bus and core clock reading on Pentium 4 CPUs.
  • Improved the CPU clock reading accuracy.
  • New SSD support and wear level sensors for Intel, Indilinx, SandForce and Samsung drives.
  • Added support for manual fan control on ATI/AMD GPUs.
  • Improved the support for reading sensors on GPUs in Crossfire mode.
  • Added support for Nuvoton NCT6771F and NCT6776F super I/O chips.
  • Fixed fan speed reading on older revision of IT8712F super I/O chips.
  • Added a mainboard specific configuration for the ASUS P8P67 Pro, ASRock P55 Deluxe and ASRock AOD790GX-128M.
  • Added a “Reset” command to the menu, which allows to restart the sensor reading implementation without exiting the application.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Heatmaster and T-Balancer implementation.
  • Reimplemented the device driver management code and improved the security.
  • Added the global flag to the Access_ISABUS.HTP.Method mutex.
  • Fixed the reseting of min and max values of HDD temperatures.
  • Fixed some scaling errors that occured when using 125% or 150% text size in Windows.
  • The main window can now be opened by double clicking the desktop gadget.
  • Improved the moving and resizing of the gadget on multi-monitor systems.
  • Added a WMI interface to provide all the sensor data to other applications and tools.
  • Fixed a few problems with saving and restoring the main window position and size.
  • Added basic CPU support for Linux systems.
  • Added support for AMD K10 (family 10h) core temperature sensors and Asus ATK0110 devices on Linux systems.

Release Version 0.2.1 Beta


Posted on October 2

  • Fixed a missing assembly problem on .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Reduced the number of referenced assemblies.

Release Version 0.2.0 Beta


Posted on October 2, 2010

  • New desktop gadget (enable with “View / Show gadget”).
  • Added bus and core clock sensors for AMD K8 and K10 CPUs.
  • Added support for the Alphacool Heatmaster fan controller.
  • Added support for the ITE IT8721F super I/O chip.
  • Added a fan control sensor for ATI GPUs.
  • Added an ISA bus mutex for accessing the super I/O chips.
  • Added a mainboard specific configuration for the ASRock 880GMH/USB3, ASUS P6X58D-E,
  • ASUS Rampage Extreme, ASUS Rampage II GENE, ECS A890GXM-A, Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 and Gigabyte P55M-UD4.
  • Improved the stability of reading and writing the settings file.
  • Added an option to minimize when the close button is clicked.
  • Reimplemented the GUI menus using the native Windows menus.
  • Improved a few optical details of the GUI.
  • Added support for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Refactored the hardware monitoring code into a library.
  • Fixed a few problems where the Open Hardware monitor would crash.
  • Added SMART data and details of AMD CPUs to the report.

Release Version 0.1.37 Beta


Posted on July 4, 2010

  • Improved the support for Nvidia GPUs by adding clock, load and fan sensors.
  • Restored Linux support by fixing problems when running on Mono.
  • Added support for mainboard sensors on Linux using lm-sensors.
  • Added a dialog to submit a hardware report directly from the application.
  • Added a menu entry to reset the sensor Min/Max values.
  • Added support for more revisions of the W83627THF super I/O chip.
  • Added more details to Nvidia GPU reports.
  • Sensors can now be renamed additionally via context menu.
  • Added more mainboard specific configurations for ASUS and Gigabyte mainboards.
  • Added support for a second miniNG on the T-Balancer bigNG.
  • Added menu entries to Hide/Show and Exit to the sensor system tray icons.
  • Sensors displayed in the system tray will now replace the main icon.
  • Corrected the CPU core voltage for the EVGA X58 SLI Classified mainboard.
  • Fixed a bug in the T-Balancer device enumeration code.
  • Fixed some bugs and improved the auto-startup.
  • Fixed some problems with Fonts.
  • The settings are now saved also in user log off or windows shut situations.
  • Removed the limit column, as hardly any hardware provides these values.

Release Version 0.1.35 Beta


Posted on May 24, 2010

  • Added basic support for Fahrenheit temperatures on the main window (Options / Temperature Unit).
  • Extended the ITE voltage reading by adding voltage sensors for all channels.
  • Added editable parameters for all ITE voltage channels.
  • Added a few known DFI and Gigabyte mainboard voltage configurations.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Nvidia, Intel CPU and Task Scheduler code.


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